Binary Dust

Righteous fiction in a dimension of make believe
Of tricks and fantasy
On this blank canvas you're always in ascendency
Painter of your destiny

Beautiful fable here is a place where you are free
To move with certainty
Metamorphosise and reinvent
One more celebrity among a million deities

I'm really taken with your hocus pocus
I'm mesmerised by the way you move in soft focus
This apparition's hyper real
Real enough to touch, real enough to taste, real enough to feel

Glitz and glamour, megapixel magic
Breath in that binary dust, the results could be tragic
Who here doesn't want to touch the dream?
When it looks so nice, it looks so neat, it looks so clean

Like some shining mythical vision
How did you predict my dreams with pin point precision?
I feel as though your hear it must be true
There's something here that pulls me in, a magnetic force draws me to you

I know so much it's like I've known you for years
Enough to nurture your vanity and play upon your fears
I'm right behind you all the time
And the more you eat from my hand the more you become mine

It glitters and shimmers, where Hell mimics Heaven
The avatars glimmer and where Janus beckons
You post yourself higher, the stars are your rating
The code is your empire, the future is waiting

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