Law Dealers

Smash down my door six in the morning come the law
To protect me from myself and my wicked ways
And relieve me of my draw

I grew some seed, I grew some seed
While nature dies through corporate greed
While you distribute dangerous drugs
People in the third world die from need

Spare the lectures on what’s good for me
With your phosphorous bombs and your “Zyklon-B”
And your pharmaceutical companies
And your biocide society

Let’s get it right, if we put the bricks and the bottles aside
And talk about the truth
What they represent has to crush the youth
Toting guns, toting guns sposed to get the bad men on their toes
Trigger-happy hooligans in uniforms
Death follows where they go

Controlled substance abuse
But what about the chemicals they use?
Pesticide, insecticide, fossil fuel infanticide

There is no trust; everybody knows the law deals drugs
There’s no respect, the people know that the state deals death
This ain’t no joke everybody knows that the law punts dope
Fear the rope, fear the rope, work for the firm or lose all hope!

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