We Remember Your Name

Sometimes the world goes dark
But in the shadows we have no fear
When it's time to rock the place, tear it up and the fire burns
That's when you're always near

A true and solid friend
To watch your back and lend you a strong hand
On the long and winding roads
At home and in many a distant strand

It seems so sad
If all you care about is what you look like
Well who gives a toss? The crows are circling
Facile, superficial egotists wind your necks in

It may be so
There are no hero's any more
Ask yourself if there ever was, what's good in life?
To have friendship trust a solid crew
People who keep it real and say it true

It's all about the heart
Because after the rain
The vibrant earth springs forth its life force again
Son we won't grieve, no we won't cry
Every time we rock the place we can feel your spirit fly

Through fire and flames we remember your name
True heart remains WE REMEMBER YOUR NAME

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